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Aerospace Club
meets after school in B107 on every other Wednesday
Aerospace club is dedicated to exploring the science behind all things that fly including airplanes, rockets, and spacecraft of all types through interesting and educational activities.
Advisor: Alice Carvalho


American Sign Language Club
meets at lunch in C105 on Thursday
American Sign Language Club's purpose is to help teach students Sign Language while volunteering and becoming active members of the Deaf Community.
Advisor: Natalie Owsley


Animal Welfare Club
meets at lunch in C104 on every other Tuesday
The purpose of the club is to bring together students that are passionate about animal welfare and provide them with an opportunity to discuss animal welfare issues. It is also meant to provide students with an opportunity to volunteer to help solve animal welfare issues.
Advisor: Megan Rupe


Art Club / NAHS
meets at lunch in D1 on every other Thursday
Art club/ NAHS members volunteer on-campus events (backdrop paintings, window decorations), off campus activities (Palo Alto Art Center volunteering, Vargas Elementary School, community festivals), and attend socials hosed by the club. Our purpose is to expand art awareness in Homestead and the community.
Advisor: Katie Schiltz


Astronomy Club
meets at lunch in K2 on every alternate Friday
The club is focused on learning about our universe and solar system. This is accomplished through lunchtime informational meetings, after-school activities and nighttime stargazing.
Advisor: Jillian Fackrell


Badminton Club
meets at brunch in S4 on every other Thursday
The main purpose of the Badminton Club is to provide HHS students who are interested in badminton to learn about the sport and how to play the sport. In addition, we provide a social atmosphere where people who enjoy badminton can get together.
Advisor: Sam Fung


Black Student Union
meets at lunch in C212 on every other Thursday
Black Student Union unites all ethnicities and teachs about African American Culture in society.
Advisor: Ms. Rivera


Book Club
meets at lunch in C203 on every other Thursday
Homestead's own Book Club calls all passionate readers to join us every other Thursday in C203 to discuss and recommend popular books to a great book-loving community!
Advisor: Ashley Suth


Chess Club
meets at lunch in A204 on Mondays and Thursdays each week
There are no membership fees, no required meetings or requirements, and no presentations, making it what I think is a special club. Members usually just come in within 20 seconds of the lunch bell, take a Chess board, and sit down to play and eat lunch.
Advisor: Gary Auten


California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
meets at brunch in B-210 on every other Tuesday
CSF promotes good citizenship via providing opportunities for community service. Members that complete four semesters get a gold cord senior year.
Advisor: Lela Milirides


Design It
meets at lunch in F103 on every other Thursday
Design It aims to spread graphic design in the community through workshops led by officers and members, design competitions within the club, commissions from other organizations on campus, and design-related guest speakers or events.
Advisor: Edmond Kwong


Drama Club/ITS
meets at lunch in Auditorium on every Friday
Our goal is to provide HHS students a way to get involved with theatre, whether they are enrolled in a theatre class or not. Students who show exemplary commitment to the club and theatre arts will be rewarded with induction into the International Thespian Society (ITS), Troupe #3553.
Advisor: Leslie Lloyd


Electronics Club
meets at Afterschool in B105 on Friday
We learn useful electronics skills and practice them through interesting projects while having fun.
Advisor: Connie Murray


Engineering Club
meets at brunch in B107 on 1 meeting Wednesday of every month
Educates students about the different aspects of engineering and what it's like to be an engineer.
Advisor: Alice Rick


Entrepreneurship Club
meets at lunch in A209 on TBD
To help high schoolers who want to become entrepreneurs.
Advisor: Mr. Logie


Fashion Club
meets at lunch in C102 on every other Friday
Our club focuses on preparing members for the annual fashion show by exposing them to the world of fashion. We hold sketching workshops, sewing workshops, DIY workshops, and movie socials.
Advisor: Clara Dee


meets at lunch in S4 on every Friday
Homestead's Footprints is a Christian Club where students can meet other peers and learn about Christianity; in a respectful environment.
Advisor: Sam Fung


French Club / FNHS
meets at lunch in L104 on Wednesday
FNHS/French Club is a club dedicated to French culture. Through various activities, such as Crêpe Making Socials and Cheese Fairs, FNHS exposes students to French culture and allows them to learn about different aspects of French life.
Advisor: Muriel Von Stein


meets at lunch in L101 on every other friday
Frontier is Homestead's literature and art magazine. We seek to publish fiction and creative non-fiction works as a counterpart to the Epitaph.
Advisor: Mary Jo Gunderson


Future Business Leaders of America
meets at lunch in A207 on every other Tuesday
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the largest student-run business organization in the world that prepares students for college and the business world by building skills such as public speaking, networking, and leadership through opportunities such as business competitions, overnight leadership conferences, business tours, and interactive projects and workshops. Homestead FBLA is proud to be the #1 FBLA chapter in the nation, and we are dedicated to preparing our members for success in business and careers.
Advisor: Byron Lee, Graeme Logie, Helen Carlson


Future Physicians of America
meets at lunch in S2 on First and third Friday of every month.
Future Physicians of America provides medicine bound students exposure to the medical field through various lectures by physicians, researchers, and pre-med focused colleges, visits to different medical facilities, volunteering at hospitals, and activities that raise awareness about health care problems around the world.
Advisor: Mrs. Della-Santina


Fwd: love
meets at lunch in A114 on Third Thursday of every Month
fwd:Love is a club that strives to lift and lighten the atmosphere on the Homestead campus and in the community through our monthly activities, projects, and campaigns.
Advisor: Wilma Wu & Jessica Kirby


Gay-Straight Alliance
meets at lunch in C101 on every other Tuesday
An accepting environment for all members of the LGBT community and its supporters to promote awareness and equality.
Advisor: James Ratti


Green Ops
meets at lunch in K1 on every other Tuesday
We are a club that promotes environmental awareness and sustainability on the HHS campus. We plan to have different initiatives and activities to get the student population involved in the environmental movement.
Advisor: Mr. Bechara


HHS Book Nook Club
meets at brunch in library on Friday: twice a month during the second and 4/last week
To diversify selection of books and provide volunteering at Homestead's library to maintain its vitality on campus. Active advertisement of academic services on campus is also emphasised.
Advisor: Amity Bateman


H.H.S. F.I.T. (Fitness Instruction and Training)
meets at lunch in K3 on every other Monday of each month
F.I.T. will empower, educate, and provide opportunities for all students at Homestead High School to improve their overall fitness levels and lead happier, healthier lives. Students will identify their personal health and fitness goals such as weight management, cardiovascular/strength improvement, etc., and through the aid of F.I.T., will be able to reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves.
Advisor: Kyle Bonvechio


Hip Hop Club
meets at lunch in Black Box on Thursday
Hip Hop Club unites all break dancers to collaberate and learn off eachother from different moves.
Advisor: Leslie Lloyd


Health Occupations Students of America
meets at lunch in B110 on every Friday
HOSA is a health-oriented club that holds medically based competitions, and also informs members about medical opportunities outside of school.
Advisor: Rachel Keener


Homestead Cancer Society
meets at lunch in L104 on every other Tuesday
Homestead Cancer Society is a club dedicated to spreading knowledge about the different types of cancer and fundraising for research institutions and nonprofit organizations. Members will be able to volunteer at insightful local events and help organize school-wide activities to join the fight against cancer.
Advisor: Muriel Von Stein


Homestead Studios
meets at lunch in C211 on every Friday
Homestead Studios is a place where students who have a interest in filmmaking and movies can come and share their ideas. They can also work together to create new movies and use their skills to expand and grow the filmmaking community.
Advisor: Ed Riley


meets at lunch in S5 on first Tuesday of every month
IndoPak is the Indian-Pakistani club on campus whose aim is to spread knowledge about Indian and Pakistani culture.
Advisor: Richard Porticos


meets at lunch in B207 on every other Thursday
Interact is a service club in which all high schoolers are given a chance to engage in community service. We branch off of Rotary International, an organization dedicated to fixing persistent problems worldwide.
Advisor: Jenny Giatis & Patricia Boehm


Investments Club
meets at lunch in A209 on every other Thursday
Advisor: Graeme Logie


Japanese National Honor Society
meets at lunch in L103 on every other Wednesday
Japanese National Honor Society promotes and teaches Japanese culture through volunteer events, socials, and various other activities.
Advisor: Junko Birdsong


Jewish Student Union
meets at lunch in A211 on Thursday
Our club is a place for Jewish teens to come have fun, chill, and learn a bit about Judaism. We are open to everyone and usually have a guest speaker and pizza to provide a fun and educational environment.
Advisor: Steve Lavelle


Key Club
meets at lunch in K1 on every other Wednesday
Key Club is a nationally recognized community service based club that volunteers throughout our community.
Advisor: George Bechara


Korean Student Association
meets at lunch in S8 on every other Tuesday
Korean Student Association provides Homestead High School students with information and knowledge on Korea through games, socials, and etc.
Advisor: Zenas Lee


Latino Student Union
meets at lunch in S6 on First Wednesday of every Month
The purpose is to have the Latino race more involved in the school. Second is to create a family type of environment for people at school.
Advisor: Adrianne Navarro


Life In Focus (Photography)
meets at lunch in F 103 on every other Wednesday
The purpose of Life in Focus is to collaborate with students interested in photography and to use that interest in order to serve the Homestead Community.
Advisor: Edmond Kwong


Math Team
meets at lunch in B101 on every Friday
Math Club is a great place to learn new math, attend competitions such as AMC10/12, and solve fun problems!
Advisor: Shawn Southerd


Mock Trial
meets at After School in C-206 on every Friday
Mock Trial team members can participate in a tournament hosted in real court-rooms with an actual judge. Mock Trial promotes the development of public-speaking, critical-thinking, and analytical skills.
Advisor: Susan Wilson


Model United Nations
meets at lunch in B201 on every other Wednesday
The main purpose is to create a platform for people who are interested in international politics and go to Model UN conferences.
Advisor: Kelly Chunglo


Muslim Student Association
meets at lunch in B209 on every other week Friday (2 Fridays per month)
The purpose of the club is to inform about and engage students with Muslim culture and clear up common misconceltions through discussions, socials, and presentations.
Advisor: Daniela Hurst-Ruiz


National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS)
meets at brunch in L112 on Tuesday/Thursday
National Chinese Honor Society provides students with opportunities to learn, participate, and enjoy many aspects of Chinese culture.
Advisor: Clara Lin & Vivian Ju


National Honor Society
meets at lunch in B206/207 on first Wednesday of every month
NHS is a community service organization that recognizes and brings together students who show high achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and character development. Members develop leadership and communication skills through working together on a focused annual project and participating in a variety of community service projects, to make a difference in our community and in the world.
Advisor: Scott Wilson & Stephanie Crosby


Persian Club
meets at lunch in F101 on every third friday
The main purpose of our club is to educate students on the country of Iran and its rich culture.
Advisor: Mr. Guevara


Philosophy Club
meets at lunch in C203 on every other Tuesday
A club where students can trade philosophical ideas, and discuss our roles in society
Advisor: Steve Lavelle


Poetry Club
meets at lunch in C212 on Ever Monday currently, going to move to Friday if possible
The main purpose of this club is to provide a cultural outlet for fellow students to express themselves.
Advisor: Shawnee Rivera


Programming Club
meets at After seventh skinny in A211 on every Wednesday
Programming club excites members not just about coding, but about creating--mobile, apps, websites, video games, anything that can be developed with a keyboard and a wild imagination. The club caters towards all levels of programming skill and hosts a variety of tech company tours and mini-competitions for prizes.
Advisor: John Shelby


Project Sonder
meets at lunch in C105 on every Wednesday
Project Sonder is a club that gives Homestead students a platform on which to learn and educate the student body about topics like depression, pressure, self image, sexuality, etc. through topic talks, guest speakers, etc.
Advisor: Megan Rupe, Erin Harris, Steve Schmidt


Quiz Bowl
meets at lunch in B103 on Thursday
Quiz Bowl is an buzzer-style competition where teams of four students compete in history, science, literature, fine arts, and other subjects. We attend tournaments around the Bay Area, and last year we placed 8th at the national tournament.
Advisor: Greg Burroughs & Andrea Westgate


RC Club
meets at lunch in A206 on every other friday
Teaches students about radio controlled vehicles. We teach how to build, fly and drive them as well.
Advisor: Gary Kueh


Red Cross
meets at lunch in C210 on every other Wednesday
A volunteering club that prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergency by mobilising the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
Advisor: Steve Lavelle


Research Club
meets at lunch in S4 on Second Wednesday of each Month
Research Club's goal is to provide STEM-oriented students with opportunities to conduct research and study science, while facilitating application to local science and engineering fairs, including Synopsys, Intel's Science and Engineering Fair, and the Google Science Fair. Additionally, we help teach interested students about important analysis and experimentation techniques used in scientific study.
Advisor: Sam Fung


meets at after school in B 103 on every Wednesday or Friday
The robotics club is part of the FIRST Robotics Competition and we build a 120 pound robot in 6 weeks at school each year. We hold regular workshops, tours, and fun activities to get people interested in engineering and science.
Advisor: Greg Burroughs


Russian Student Union
meets at lunch in Blackbox on First Wednesday of every month
To diversify our community with a greater appreciation for Russian culture and provide a friendly environment for Russian speakers.
Advisor: Leslie Lloyd


Science Bowl
meets at lunch in S5 on every Tuesday
At Science Bowl, we hold weekly buzzer practices during our meetings. Our goal is to compete at the Regional competition and win.
Advisor: Chris Nafrada


Science Olympiad
meets at lunch in A211 on every other Thrusday
Science Olympiad has two different teams which each brings students to the regional, state, and national competition. During the school year, competitors prepare for their respective competitions and learn more about the STEM courses.
Advisor: John Shelby & George Bechara


Scream Team
meets at brunch in S5 on First Thursday of every Month
Scream Team encourages school spirit at Homestead athletic events by organizing a student cheer section and increasing the enthusiasm of spectators. Our purpose is to create a positive environment at sports games and to encourage Homestead students to cheer on their peers.
Advisor: Chris Nafrada


Social Justice Society
meets at lunch in L101 on every other Tuesday
Social Justice Society focuses on helping less privileged groups in our community.
Advisor: Susan Wilson


Speech and Debate Club/Speech and Debate Honor Society
meets at lunch in C105 on every other Monday
Speech and Debate Club develops public speaking and debating skills through various workshops and competitions that ranges from arguing over political events of the day to acting out a scene from the Lord of the Rings.
Advisor: Natalie Owsley


The Differences Among Us
meets at lunch in C208 on every other Wednesday
TDAU strives to educate the community about the various special needs in our community. By working with local organizations and hosting in-school and out-of-school events, we promote awareness and acceptance of everyone, with and without special needs.
Advisor: Rani August


The Hugs Project
meets at lunch in L106 on First and third Tuesdays
The Hugs Project strives to aid the needs of numerous military communities all around the U.S., especially in the Bay Area. Our mission is to raise awareness of the difficulties that many of our soldiers have to face in the Middle East while serving and once they come back home.
Advisor: Kris Risic


Tomorrow's Physicists
meets at For General Meetings - lunch, For Events - Afterschool in K2 on General Meetings every Alternate Tuesday, Events Wednesdays Monthly
A club focused on aiding students in their scientific pursuits via study groups, career-oriented events and guest speakers, competitions, and unique lab activities.
Advisor: Jillian Fackrell


Tri-M National Music Honor Society/ Forte
meets at lunch in Band room on every other Tuesday
Tri-M is a music honor society restricted to students meeting the GPA and music class requirement, while Forte, the other part of our club, is open to all members - however, both are committed to serving the community through music. Some events include performing at senior homes and teaching at local elementary/middle school music programs.
Advisor: John Burn


Vietnamese Student Association
meets at lunch in B106 on every other Tuesday
Vietnamese Student Association's main purpose is to spread our Vietnamese culture throughout the campus and give back to the community.
Advisor: Mr. Yoshida


Women's Empowerment Ambassadors
meets at lunch in C207 on every other Tuesday
WEA provides insight and education on the importance of gender equality by fundraising, advocating, volunteering, and influencing Homestead students to join together and help put an end to discrimination.
Advisor: Debbie Vanni


Yoga and Wellness Club
meets at lunch in L111 on every other Thursday
​The purpose of yoga club is to boost and engage students’ mental and physical health, provide students with a way to de­stress, and promote well­being in all aspects of the students
Advisor: Kelly Ronsheimer


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